Cushion, Towing Equipment
Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

Model 740-2.5 Hitch
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

800 Series Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

750 RT-R 2.5
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

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Model 1000 Bumper Complete

SKU: SK 1000 $1,130.00
Model 1000 Bumper (does not include hitch) Specifically designed for heavy-duty use on all standard size pickup trucks 1 and 2 ton trucks - 50,000 PSI yield strength tubing makes one of strongest bumpers available - Includes mounting bracket plates,stone shield and necessary hardware for installation - Models are available for Ford, Dodge and GM pickups depending on frame width - This heavy-duty bumper will accommodate our bolt on type cushion hitches The Model 1000 Bumper with a 750 or 850 Cushion Hitch is ideal for 1 to 2 ton trucks. Information needed to order: Width of vehicle frame. Modifications due to the variety of tow vechicial manufactured most require some modification and hole patteren in upper bracket must be drilled at time of installion. We rate loads for our products but overall towing capacity depends on the quality of installation and vichical manufacturer rating. Weight: 108 lbs. MAX CAP 2000 LBS Tongue 50,000 LBS Pulling