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Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

Model 740-2.5 Hitch
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

800 Series Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

750 RT-R 2.5
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

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Model 1000 Bumper

SKU: $632.00
Model 1000 Bumper (does not include hitch) - Specifically designed for heavy-duty use on all standard size pickup trucks and 2 ton trucks - 50,000 PSI yield strength tubing makes it the strongest commercial bumper available - Includes mounting bracket plates, stiffening braces, stone shield and necessary hardware for complete installation - Models are available for Ford, Dodge and GM pickups - This heavy-duty bumper will accommodate our bolt on type cushion hitches The Model 1000 Bumper with an 850 Cushion Hitch is an ideal application on a 1-1/2 or 2 ton truck. Less hitch height drop! Information needed to order: Make of vehicle, model & year, frame width & bed length. Modifications due to the variety of tow vechicial and advalible option may rsult in extra work most require some modification as for hole patteren Weight: 108 lbs. CAP 2000 LBS Tongue 50,000 LBS Pulling